About The Save The Campus Team

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It all started when...

A group of highly dedicated individuals who have worked within the US Center for World Mission as board members, community members, employees, collaborators and founding innovators realized that the current leadership was intent on betraying their covenants with the donors and selling the US Center for World Mission / William Carey International University Campus. 

This Save The Campus Team has mobilized to use every means possible to stop this tragedy from happening. Once this Campus is sold it will be gone forever. In Pasadena, both Real Estate developers and the City of Pasadena itself are hungry for the increased revenue a sale like this could bring.

For over 107 years this Campus has been dedicated to spreading the Good News of Jesus to every nation. There is NO guarantee that if this Campus is sold that it will go to another Christian organization that will continue this vision. 

The Save The Campus Team is wholeheartedly dedicated to the preservation of the original vision and the restoration of the hope and passion that a truly collaborative community of people who follow Jesus can bring to the World.