You can make a difference!

  • You can help spread the word about our cause.

  • You can become an intercessor for the Campus and the Historic World Mission Center by making a commitment to pray for the Lord to Save The Campus for His purposes.

  • You can donate time or finances to the cause. We are building a Legal Defense Fund to stop this sale in the only way possible, through legal challenges. 



Your donation allows us to continue to fight the battle of saving this beautiful 17 acre World Mission Campus. This Campus does not belong to the Board Members! The Boards are supposed to be stewarding the Campus for the Donors. We do not believe that they have a right to sell, based on the covenants the organization made with the donors. Your donation enables us to use all means possible to hold the Boards accountable for their actions and legally prevent them from selling the Campus. We are NOT seeking personal gain! Our desire is to PREVENT the SALE of the Campus, bring ACCOUNTABILITY to the leadership where needed, and REBUILD a new and vibrant World Mission Center. 

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Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about the threat to the US Center for World Mission Campus and ALL the Ministries that it represents. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Become involved and make a difference that will last for generations!

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