World Mission Center In Crisis

Friday, September 15, 2017

World Mission Center In Crisis!

Written by Save The Campus

News Release from Save The Campus -- For Immediate Release Contact – (626) 435-8852 and email:

PASADENA, CA (Assist News Service “ANS” – September 14,2017) -- It was 1976 and famed Mission leader Dr. Ralph Winter had a vision for a World Mission Center that would join Missionaries, theological studies, innovative ideas and technological advances to bring breakthroughs in advancing the cause of Christian Missions, especially to unreached people groups.

The result was the U.S. Center for World Mission and William Carey International University which for the past 40 years have served as the “nerve center” for the worldwide Christian Missionary movement.

 Almost overnight though, a crisis has developed as an attempt is being made to quietly “cash in” the property of the center by a new generation of managers in the face of the growing opposition of the nearly 100,000 people who gave gifts of $15.95 or more, in response to the appeal from Ralph Winter to buy the Campus in 1977.

A second campaign was launched by Bob Coleman in 1987, called The Last $1,000 Campaign, which came with the promise, that if the project was not successful and the Campus was lost, each $1,000 gift would be returned to the donor. The US Center for World Mission Campus was paid off through this campaign on December 31st, 1987!

Founders of the “Save the Campus” (Non-Profit, Corp) are David Clancy and Bob Coleman.  Coleman was also the founder of The Last $1,000 Campaign in 1987 and one of the original $15.95 member-donors.

Coleman says, “First there is a fiduciary duty to the original donors, including me, as we all gave specifically to purchase and hold the Campus for it to remain a Center for World Mission. Second, we feel there has been a well-organized but secretive, intentional effort over a period of years to force a sale of the Campus, to the detriment of the Missions community and the unreached people groups they serve.  As apart of that, major Mission groups have been pressured to leave the Campus to provide a rationale for the sale.

The way forward is to return the U.S. Center for World Mission back to its original purpose, by inviting back the team of Mission Agencies and other collaborators who have all been unceremoniously pressured to leave over time.”

As if to confirm this crisis, days ago, one of the largest Campus ministries, the Pasadena International House of Prayer (PIHOP) was given only six days to leave the mammoth Mott Auditorium, the Spiritual center of the Campus.

“We are calling on all original donors and subsequent donors who gave their $15.95 and more for the specific purchase of the Campus to contact us and also to contact the leadership of the Campus and demand their donor rights of IRS mandated designated giving requirements, to prevent the Campus from being sold. Furthermore, we are putting out a call to the Church at large for special prayer for Spiritual Awakening on the Campus of the US Center for World Mission and the William Carey International University, to return to the founding purpose of Dr. Ralph Winter.”

Below is the contact information for contacting The Save The Campus Team:

The “Save the Campus” Facebook site is at:

Save The Campus -- Contact Number: (626) 435-8852,



Other contact Information:

U.S. Center for World Mission dba Frontier Ventures -- Contact Number: (626) 797- 1111

William Carey International University -- Contact Number: (626) 398-2273

Photo captions: 1) McGavran Historic Clock Tower Building. 2) Dr. Ralph Winter with his wife, Roberta, on the campus. 3) Latourette Library. 4) Pasadena International House of Prayer.

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David Clancy