The Battle Lines Are Drawn

It is now OFFICIAL. The BATTLE LINES now have been OFFICIALLY DRAWN in the state of California on DETERMINING THE FUTURE STATUS of the historic Pasadena campus dedicated to GLOBAL MISSIONS and UNREACHED PEOPLE GROUPS. As of TODAY, there is a new California non-profit corporation CAPABLE of accepting donations to build a WARCHEST (legal defense fund) for those who want to see this historic campus preserved for future generations. The ULTIMATE GOAL of this WARCHEST will be to save the campus through LEGAL ACTION and to FORCE THROUGH COURT ACTION an INDEPENDENT FORENSIC AUDIT of ALL campus BANK RECORDS for the PAST 8 YEARS. This forensic audit will be thorough as it will NOT ONLY JUST include the Pasadena campus -- it will also include ALL the decentralized campus satellite locations around the globe. This is what ACCOUNTABILITY looks like.

David Clancy